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The Pale God - Audio Game

10 Dec 2010 01:11 PM | Guest in News Archive

During the annual "Festival' at Innsmouth House, we have guests, festivities, games and sometimes recording. This year one of the things we recorded was a game session of The Pale God by Kevin A. Ross, with Chris Lackey of the H.P. Lovecraft Literary Podcast as the Keeper of Arcane Lore.

See how our brave (foolish?) Investigators do as they explore strange goings on in old Arkham town. Released as a 128 Kbps 3D Surround Sound binaural recording. You can just hear the screams...

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Lost in the Lights

17 Apr 2010 09:49 AM | Guest in News Archive

Sixtystone Press have released Lost in the Lights, the first volume in a series dealing with modern day cults for Call of Cthulhu. Written by Jeffrey Moeller (The Primal State) and featuring art by David Lee Ingersoll, the supplement provides an in-depth examination of the cult of Shabbith-Ka along with a scenario set in Las Vegas, promising "...Elvises. Lots and lots of Elvises."

A set of deluxe interactive handouts are also available allowing you to customise them for your own game. Lost in the Lights is available now in PDF format with a print edition from Chronicle City to follow later in the year.

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The Watchers in the Sky

31 Mar 2010 03:59 PM | Guest in News Archive

As with The Dying of St, Margaret's (also by Graham), this scenario follows the "Purist Style", so expect a dose of fun with a rather bleak outlook. :)

There's a discussion about The Watchers in the Sky in the Yoggie forums, including contributions from the author.

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Chaosium News: March 2010

03 Mar 2010 01:33 PM | Guest in News Archive

The R'lyeh Report
March 3, 2010

Transmitted by Dustin Wright of the Leng Embassy, TX.

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Chaosium Releases Free Scenario from

01 Mar 2010 01:48 PM | Guest in News Archive

Chaosium have made "Lost in a Book" - one of the scenarios from the recent Arkham Now supplement, available as a free PDF download from their web site.

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