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When our home group (the Innsmouth House Players) concluded a 12 year run of Call of Cthulhu campaigns in the summer, some kind folks asked what we were going to do next.


We certainly weren't planning on stopping playing.


Instead we've taken a new direction by developing our own homebrewed system (nameless) and scenarios. To explore strange, new worlds our own stories and particular ways of play. The first of these new stories, Stepping Stone, is now available for Yoggie Patrons to listen to.


Further details and discussion can be found in the following YSDC forum thread: nameless [YSDC RPG] We hope you'll join us.

Stepping Stone


While dining at The Museum Club, Lord George, Cpt. McSporran, Lady Agatha and Dame Linda are called upon to solve an incredible kidnapping in the heart of London...


An original adventure using the nameless system. Released in binaural surround sound evolved from an Ambisonic master.



I want more! Fantastic audio, by the way guys.

Thank you, Bob!


More is coming... :-)

Really enjoyed this though I would have liked to have seen more rolls made but it seemed to work and got a fun mystery solved.

More nameless available.