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nameless: The Many Deaths of Edward Bigsby

Now available, another entry in our nameless series of RPG recordings for Yoggie Patrons.


After the incredible events of Stepping Stone, a new year has turned and now the group investigate a perplexing situation that foreshadows terrible events in London and beyond.


Welcome to The Many Deaths of Edward Bigsby.

The Many Deaths of Edward Bigsby


"Praise be to Her!" is the last thing Bigsby says. But who is Bigsby? What does he want? Why would anyone want to kill him?


These are the questions that must be answered, and quickly. Else one may find out exactly what's hiding behind the Green Door...


A scenario originally written for YSDC by Adam Gauntlett and run under Yog-Sothoth's own Lovecraftian RPG system: nameless.


Released in high quality binaural surround sound evolved from an Ambisonic master. Here's a clip of later game play:



Part 2 of "Bigsby" is out, which is the session the above clip was taken from.


Much weirdness ensues.

Much as I know your new rpg is widely loved Paul, surely this is a new record for times listening to one of your AP:s? https://www.dropbox....ercent.png?dl=0 😉😂
That’s a big number. ;-) Must be our most popular ever!