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Miskatonic Repository: The Miskatonic Collection

Chaosium have released a series of new files for the Miskatonic Repository. The Miskatonic Collection features six volumes of resources for your games and for use with creating your own scenarios for sale at the Repository.


The forms, images, play aids and documents include: Arkham Sanitarium Forms, City of Arkham Forms, Evidence Files, Medical Forms, Miskatonic University Forms and Telegrams - all available in digital form from DriveThruRPG.


Prices for the packs vary from free to a few dollars.

The Miskatonic Collection


Collections of forms, images, play aids and documents from Chaosium. These make awesome props in your Call of Cthulhu games.


In addition to using them in your own games, you have the right to incorporate the contents of these collections into your own Miskatonic Repository products, but for no other commercial or shared purpose.


Forms in The Miskatonic Collection were created by Dean Engelhardt. Maps by Stephanie McAlea.


Source: https://www.chaosium...nic-collection/