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Lovecraftian Letters: HPL Magnetic Word Set

It's been over half a decade since we first published Lovecraftian Letters, our 500 piece H.P Lovecraft magnetic word set, but after various tumultuous rides in the retail market and after being out of print for a number of years, we've decided to release them again to reach a new audience.


If you missed them first time round here's your chance to pick up an extensive collection of Lovecraftian words in magnetic form to make your own dark tales of horror and wonder - and post them on your fridge (or wherever else you deem appropriate)...


Pick up Lovecraftian Letters now from the Yoggie Shoppe.


[They can also make a rather fun random scenario generator!]

Lovecraftian Letters


Now you too can create miniature tales in the style of "The Gentleman of Providence" with LOVECRAFTIAN LETTERS - magnetic words featuring H.P. Lovecraft's unique vocabulary. This cyclopean set contains over 500 pieces with which to share your dark wisdom and Lovecraftian tales with friends, family & unnamable things from beyond...

"The combinations are limitless!
There's never been anything quite like it..." - Fangoria magazine


"Inside... (is) everything you need to scare people away from
stealing your cheese with a Lovecraftian turn of phrase." - SFX magazine



Lovecraftian Letters


Discount automatically applied for YSDC Patrons purchasing through here. Thank you for supporting Yog-Sothoth.


An update for those after a set of Lovecraftian Letters (or other Innsmouth House Press products)...


From July 2017 the "Little Shop of Cosmic Horrors" has transmogrified into a YSDC Patron boutique as our own crafted and limited edition materials become Patron exclusives.