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Dave Carson Interview

27 Jan 2010 07:41 PM | Guest in Interviews

Lovecraftian Artist

Dave Carson was born in Ireland in 1955 and spent his early years reading fantasy magazines and watching horror movies. In 1981 he founded Shoggoth Press producing respected portfolios of work such as Masters of Nightmare and Lovecraft's Pantheon. His work has appeared world-wide including Puffin Books, Dark Horizons, Fantasy Tales and of course, DAGON magazine. Dave also toiled under the auspices of DaveCarson.net (now defunct due to retirement) using a variety of media to produce works in his own distinctive style.

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David Conyers Interview

26 Jan 2010 08:06 PM | Guest in Interviews

Mythos Author

David Conyers has written extensively for Lovecraftian and Call of Cthulhu games magazines along with authoring several CoC scenarios and the Secrets of Kenya supplement from Chaosium. Here David talks about his life with the tentacled one, his co-authored Mythos fiction work (The Spiraling Worm with John Sunseri) and what the future may hold.

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Chaz and Jan Engan Interview

25 Jan 2010 09:08 PM | Guest in Interviews

Authors of Beyond the Mountains of Madness

In the world of Call of Cthulhu Chaz & Jan Engan are perhaps best known as the primary authors of what has become a roleplaying classic: Beyond the Mountains of Madness. This huge (400+ pages) campaign designed to follow on from Lovecraft's story At the Mountains of Madness has become firmly established as one of the best CoC supplements ever to see print. Here Chaz & Jan talk about the game, their love of roleplaying and of course, Beyond the Mountains of Madness...

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Carl T. Ford Interview

24 Jan 2010 06:54 PM | Guest in Interviews

DAGON Magazine Editor

Carl T. Ford will be remembered by many as the owner and editor of DAGON, an early and influential British Call of Cthulhu/Lovecraftian fanzine. At its height DAGON ran to more than 1000 copies per issue, featuring articles and scenarios by the likes of Sandy Petersen, Mark Morrision, Marcus L. Rowland and Steve Hatherley along with the literature of Ramsey Campbell, Brian Lumley, Thomas Ligotti and Neil Gaiman - to name just a few. More than 10 years after its last publication Carl talks to Yog-Sothoth about his trials & tribulations as the power behind one of the most famous CoC 'zines.

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Adam Scott Glancy Interview

23 Jan 2010 08:48 PM | Guest in Interviews

President of Pagan Publishing

Adam Scott Glancy is the President of Pagan Publishing, the company that has given the Call of Cthulhu world such roleplaying gems as The Realm of Shadows, Walker in the Wastes, The Golden Dawn and of course, Delta Green and many more. Here we interview ASG about his involvement with the game, past and present, Pagan Publishing and his plans for the future.

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