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Delta Green: Sweetness

Out from Arc Dream Publishing, Sweetness, a new Delta Green scenario from the pen of Dennis Detwiller [dennisd].


The 12 page scenario for the Delta Green RPG is available via DriveThruRPG in both PDF and PoD.


In other DG news, Dennis has indicated that the print edition of the Delta Green Handler's Guide is close to publication.

Delta Green: Sweetness


The Bernier family of Tampa, Florida, has been terrorised by a fire and weird graffiti. Police suspect a hate crime. The mark on the door, carved with a horn or a claw and smeared with blood and effluvia, makes Delta Green think otherwise. One of their experts says it's the symbol of Kore, queen of the underworld, goddess of an ancient mystery cult.


The sign has been seen in old tomes that had deadly hyper-geometrical effects. It may be a far deeper threat than anyone suspects. Delta Green's agents must discover the connection between a loving family and an unnatural force that might claim them all.


Sweetness is a scenario of mystery and horror for Delta Green: The Role-Playing Game.


Price: $2.99 USD PDF | $9.99 USD (Print)


Source: http://www.drivethru...Green-Sweetness


Yay for Tampa Bay for getting some Mythos lovin'.


- Bill

May have to get my eyes tested but kept reading "graffiti" as "giraffe" either way works for Call of Cthulhu! I know I wouldn't want to be menaced by weird giraffes... *Goes and lies down*