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Delta Green: Handler's Guide

Out from Arc Dream Publishing is Delta Green: Handler's Guide, a 300+ page resource book for the Delta Green roleplaying game.


This large full colour tome promises "...deep resources just for the Delta Green game master", including details on the world and history of Delta Green, its mythos, and guidelines for creating scenarios and campaigns along with a ready-to-play scenario, The Sentinels of Twilight.


Delta Green: Handler's Guide is out now in PDF.

Delta Green: Handler's Guide


This massive, full-colour volume is filled with deep resources just for the Delta Green game master.

  • The Past: details on the world and history of Delta Green.
  • The Unnatural: details on the Cthulhu Mythos, from monsters to hyper-geometry to the Great Old Ones, including rules for creating new threats.
  • The Schism: deep details on the Delta Green organisation itself -- or rather, two different Delta Green groups, not always working to the same ends.
  • The Opera: guidelines for creating scenarios, running campaigns, and customising the setting.
  • Appendices: a ready-to-play scenario, The Sentinels of Twilight, a Handler-facing glossary, index, recommended media, sample NPCs to use in any game, rules variants, and more.


Price: £22.60, PDF 368 pages


Source: http://www.drivethru...-Handlers-Guide


Tony Williams
04 Nov 2017 10:45 AM

Can someone with the knowledge clarify how the new Delta Green books work.


As I understand it:


Delta Green: Need To Know - quickstart rules


Delta Green: Agent's Handbook - complete rules for players ?


Delta Green: Handler's Guide - just extra stuff for GMs ( or does it contain the stuff in the Agent's Handbook ? )


Is there a plan for a "complete" book combining the Agent's Handbook and Handler's Guide stuff in one volume ( since there seems to be talk on the intermaweb about a book called Delta Green: The Role-Playing Game, aka the Case Officer’s Handbook ) ?

The Delta Green RPG rules set has evolved into two books instead of one.


Delta Green: The Role-Playing Game [is] a slipcase of two books. That contains a 192-page Agent's Handbook and a 320-page Handler's Guide. The Handler's Guide is the giant manuscript we circulated a few weeks ago, minus the rules portions that appeared in the Agent's Handbook. So, one book has rules, sanity and character creation: the Agent's Handbook. The other has monsters, magic, creating your own Delta Green, and the timeline: the Handler's Guide.


Source: https://www.kickstar...e/posts/1970152


The Handler's Guide is nearer 370 pages on release which means over 550 pages for the core rules set for Delta Green.

Tony Williams
05 Nov 2017 11:55 AM

Thanks Paul

20 Nov 2017 01:39 PM

AFAIK the print version of Need to Know is included with the GM screen.


Apparently there's going to be a slipcase set of both core books as well.