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Cthulhu Wars Onslaught 3 - Kickstarter

After several highly successful Kickstarters for Cthulhu Wars, SandyPetersen is back with Cthulhu Wars Onslaught 3.


Onslaught 3 offers a new map (Shaggai), a new faction (The Ancients) and a slew of new miniatures (including Masks of Nyarlathotep, Hounds of Tindalos, Cathedrals, and a re-imagined Cthulhu among many more).


The KS runs until 15th August and is already some six times over its initial funding goal of $100,000 USD.


Need more minis for your Cthulhu games? This is likely a good place to get them. Sandy popped by the YSDC forums to give Onslaught 3 a mention.

Cthulhu Wars


Cthulhu Wars is a competitive strategy game in which 2 to 8 players face-off to determine the fate of the planet. You'll recruit cultists and summon monsters, cast spells, open interdimensional gates, and awaken your colossal unearthly Great Old One!


Every game is different - as you play, you unlock new spellbooks, giving new amazing powers unique to each faction. Play is asymmetric - every faction has a unique set of rules and victory conditions.


The core game offers an asymmetric, two to four player strategy experience (up to eight players with expansions). Each player controls a faction of cosmic evil competing with its rivals for the remains of the defeated, dying Earth. Players push and battle each other to control areas, build gates, gain power, achieve personal goals, and unlock special abilities in the form of spell books to render their own faction supreme. The miniatures are conspicuously monstrous and evocative.


Source: https://www.kickstar...ars-onslaught-3


Below is a video related to the crowd funder. I'd post the original KS vid, but gosh - Kickstarter likes to tuck those links away these days, so here's one featuring Sandy's son, Arthur, with an interesting explanation of the logistics of the project.



Cthulhu Wars Onslaught 3 Playlist


Attached Image: cthulhu-wars-3-releases.jpg Attached Image: cthulhu-wars-3-masks-minis.jpg Attached Image: cthulhu-wars-3-shaggai-map.jpg


This Kickstarter closed at: $1,076,211/$100,000 USD from 4,130 backers.