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Cthulhu Confidential with Robin D. Laws

To mark 10 years of the GUMSHOE system, Pelgrane has declared Friday, 21st October as the first "International Pelgrane Day", inviting "Pelgrane Press RPG fans all over the world to play their favourite Pelgrane games on or around [the] 21st October".


There have been a number of Pelgrane games running this week and to celebrate the day our very own MartyJopson played Pelgrane's forthcoming Cthulhu Confidential with the game's creator, RobinDLaws. Below, you can watch the entire recording with Robin as the Games Master and Marty as the hardboiled LA Private Detective, "Dex Raymond" in... The Fathomless Sleep.


Lots of interesting Cthulhu-based projects are on the boil at Pelgrane Towers at the moment, I'm particularly looking forward to Fearful Symmetries.



How did fast-living society girl Helen Deakin come down with a case of catatonia? Her sultry sister pays an LA Private Detective to find out - Dex Raymond explores a web of blackmail, dirty money, and weird mysticism in the city of fallen angels.



I'm about half-way through and enjoying it.

Hey, me too! It's definitely increasing my anticipation for this product.

South Carolina is the inferior Carolina, geographically or otherwise. Man this looks great! How difficult would it be to set things after the war?

Cthulhu Confidential has been cited as being a full colour? hardback, 256 pages, priced at $35 (US). Due to see print in December.

Mutual otter washing? I'm sold.

"That's a lovely piece of work." And so it is.

A limited number of advance softcover copies should be at Dragonmeet 2016 (early December).