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Cthulhu Confidential Problem & Edges Deck

Pelgrane Press have dealt a new hand for their Cthulhu Confidential roleplaying game with the release of a printable Problem & Edges Deck - a handy manifestation of the "Problem" and "Edge" cards that investigators accumulate during play.


The Cthulhu Confidential Problem & Edges Deck is available in PDF form directly from Pelgrane's web site (or via DriveThruRPG), which can then be printed at your leisure. No news yet as to whether they will also make an appearance on DriveThruCards [POD], but we'll keep you posted.

Cthulhu Confidential Problem & Edges Deck


Fill your hardboiled detective’s hand with luck and doom!


As Cthulhu Confidential investigators navigate the intertwined worlds of crime and cosmic horror, they accumulate Problem cards marking the hits they take along the way.


Fortunately they also pick up Edge cards, which they can parlay into useful advantages against gangsters, gamblers and ghouls.


This accessory for in-person GUMSHOE One-2-One play contains 68 Edges and Problem cards you’re most likely to hand to your player.


You screamed for their physical manifestation, and now they're here. Wear a wicked grin as you slide them toward your player’s trembling digits!


(If you have bought the print version of Cthulhu Confidential [directly from Pelgrane], this is now available to download from your bookshelf.)


Price: £6.95 (PDF)


Source: http://site.pelgrane...lem-edges-deck/


The Cthulhu Confidential thread in the forums features a video play-through of a game between Robin D. Laws and Marty Jopson.