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CBC, Mar 2018: Islands and Ice

It turns out it's been three years since we began The Cthulhu Breakfast Club, a quite singular podcast, that is (probably) somewhat different from many you may hear.


Following a European tradition, to mark our birthday we're giving gifts, including a rare prototype set of Q Workshop Call of Cthulhu metal dice, a wax cylinder edition of one of our CBC podcasts, and other "nik naks" (as MartyJopson calls them).


Pull up a chair and join us at our table as we begin another year of The Cthulhu Breakfast Club....

The Cthulhu Breakfast Club


Featuring discussion of:


AireCon V, Cambridge and The Polar Museum, Lindisfarne, petrified forests and other sundry topics... and don't forget our giveaways this month!


Recorded in Ambisonic sound and released in AAC format with chapters and links in the file.


Available to Patrons and Breakfast Club supporters.




Jack Parsons also came up in conversation.