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  • Arkham in England: Arkholme
    There's also a pseudo-pun on Arcane. "Chest" or "box" has also been posited as the meaning of... - JeffErwin Today, 07:15 AM

  • Arkham in England: Arkholme
    What of the echo "ark" as in "Ark of the Covenant", from Old English ærc and Latin... - Travern Today, 04:23 AM

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  • Arkham in England: Arkholme
    I’ve always thought it might be derived from some version of Markham, lit. Mark’s Village. M... - WinstonP Today, 12:40 AM

  • Terrible Hound in the Dark Woods
    On that note, you could use "The Howler" sonnet from "Fungi from Yuggoth" for inspiration.... - TMS Yesterday, 07:56 PM

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Cthulhu Breakfast Club: Failsafe

Cthulhu Breakfast Club. February 2016.


This is not it.


Well, it is - but it's the backup recording as the beloved and beneficent Elder Gods decided in their wisdom to provide a silent audio version of the meeting (it seems even Great Old Ones are critics). Here's what was found on the braces part of "Belt & Braces" recording.


Hopefully things will return to normal at the next meeting (as soon as we work out what normal actually is).

Cthulhu Breakfast Club: Failsafe



This meeting features talk of:


Achtung! Cthulhu, The Ordeal of Randolph Carter, Monsters & Miscreants M.R. James card game, Geeky Monkey magazine, Conan RPGs & Robert E. Howard, and reading vs. playing games - plus a few other varied topics.


Once again (as throughout 2016) there's a chance to win a wooden CBC Dice Tower.


We may be several weeks into 2016, but that doesn't stop us catching up on our Christmas viewing...