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CBC Dec 2017: The Postman Effect

In what is probably our penultimate release of the year, the December 2017 recording of The Cthulhu Breakfast Club is now out.


Chris, Marty, Val and me chat about a variety of Lovecraftian and game-related topics while celebrating the holiday period with some Salzburger Mozartkugel.


The CBC is our private club podcast for supporters of "Olde Yoggie". Our public podcast remains News from Pnakotus; both will be back in 2018 (but on a different day).


We are convinced that Rick Astley is our new friend. :-D

The Cthulhu Breakfast Club


Rick Astley on a radiator...


In this meeting we talk about:


Patreon problems, the Miskatonic Repository, Lovecraftian influencers and other sundry topics.


Recorded in Ambisonic sound and released in AAC format with chapters and links in the file.


Available to Patrons and Breakfast Club supporters


CBC, Dec 2017: The Postman Effect