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Cold Warning - 7 Day Kickstarter from GGP

Golden Goblin Press have launched a "flash" crowd funder for Cold Warning, a Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition scenario by Scott David Aniolowski. The initial goal of $7,000 USD has already been met in less than a day.


Cold Warning is described as a lengthy Jazz Age adventure featuring internal art by Reuben Dodd of Sorrowking Studio and maps by Stephanie McAlea of Stygian Fox.


The Kickstarter concludes on the 1st April so if you want to support it, you'd better be (relatively) quick!

Cold Warning


Set in Arkham, Massachusetts and Hudson, Maine - what begins with the dubious suicide of Joseph Sutton and the bizarre behavior of his widow Marilyn, leads investigators to Winter Haven, a remote hunting lodge in rural Maine. Here they experience mysterious phenomena, encounter suspicious lodge guests and staff, learn of ancient legends, and confront strange and frightening creatures before finally witnessing the awesome power of a Great Old One.


Source: https://www.kickstar...dition-adventu/


Attached Image: cold-warning-golden-goblin-press-cover.jpg Attached Image: cold-warning-interior-art-1-ggp.jpg Attached Image: cold-warning-interior-art-2-ggp.jpg



This Kickstarter closed at $21,425 USD raised from 706 backers.