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Call of Cthulhu: Reign of Terror

Chaosium have released Reign of Terror, a two-part Call of Cthulhu scenario set in 18th Century Revolutionary France (discussed on Monday's News from Pnakotus #049). Reign of Terror is playable as a stand-alone adventure or as an interlude in Chaosium's Horror on the Orient Express campaign.


The supplement also provides a stand-alone setting, offering historical details to help the Keeper bring Paris and the French Revolution to life along with detailed maps, a timeline for the French Revolution, an extensive bibliography and scenario seeds for extending play.


Reign of Terror is out now from Chaosium in PDF.

Reign of Terror


Mythos Horrors during the French Revolution!


Reign of Terror is an epic two-part historical scenario, set during the French Revolution, playable as a stand-alone adventure or as an historical interlude for use with Chaosium’s Horror on the Orient Express campaign.


A time of struggle, intrigue, and horror. A divided country, where the upper class enjoys the bounty of wealth, and the poor cannot afford a loaf of bread. Where the cries of anger and rage at life's injustices find momentum, sparking the people to unite and cast away the old regime for a brighter and more hopeful tomorrow. In time, hope will be replaced with fear as The Terror descends upon France, and the guillotine cries out for blood.


Developed by Mark Morrison as a secret chapter in the story of Horror on the Orient Express, Reign of Terror has been designed for play with or without reference to that campaign. If used with Horror on the Orient Express, it provides a "living handout" that brings new insights and illuminates the players into the full horror of one of the campaign's dire villains.


Part One, set in 1789 amid the stirrings of the revolution, sees the investigators descend into the catacombs of Paris and brave the tribulations of courtly life, where debauchery and wickedness bring their own terrors.


Part Two, set during The Terror, catapults the investigators into a conspiracy, where spies and agents seek out those who would destabilise the new regime. Caught amongst the chaos and dangers of Paris, the way must be found to stop a nightmare that would plunge France and the rest of Europe into darkness.


This book provides a stand-alone setting, with a plethora of historical details to help the Keeper bring Paris and the French Revolution to life. Profusely illustrated throughout, with detailed maps of Paris, the Palace of Versailles, and more. Alongside the two-part scenario of Reign of Terror is a range of scenario seeds, each providing roots for extending play and building a longer, more in-depth campaign.


Further supporting the timeframe, the Keeper is provided with a full timeline for the French Revolution, from May 1789 to July 1794, as well as a detailed bibliography of books, films, web sites, and graphic novels for further research and inspiration.


Price: $17.95 USD


Source: https://www.chaosium...n-of-terror-pdf


Buying this for my birthday tomorrow!

The first part was a fun scenario to play at Gencon. Mark really did a great job inserting Cthulhu into the horror of current events of the time. This release adds a second scenario and a lot more detail. I am looking forward into running it myself.