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Bagthulhu - The Kickstarter

I love dice. Like many players I have lots of them which I've kept in various receptacles over the years (anywhere from game boxes, poly bags and little plastic coffins to wooden chests and leather pouches) but now it looks like I may have a new and wonderfully thematic option with Bagthulhu from Bridget Hughes of Wayward Masquerade.


Capable of holding up to 100 dice at a time, Bagthulhu stands 8" (20 cm) tall and is waiting to devour your soul keep your dice safe and secure for your next game.


The Kickstarter runs until the end of May.


Now you can feed Great Cthulhu dice instead of 1d6 Investigators per round...

Bagthulhu - "The diabolically adorable Cthulhu Dicebag"


Bagthulhu is an unspeakable horror in the form of a cuddly soft toy dicebag for the most discerning of cultists. He likes dice, souls, and comfy places to wait dreaming. In his earthly form Bagthulhu is made of super soft microfleece or plush, and stands 20cm/8" tall. Flip back his head to reveal a dicebag belly with a double drawstring closure. His monstrous appetite has been specially upgraded for this campaign to devour up to 100 standard sized dice with room left over for an innocent soul.


Source: https://www.kickstar...-cthulhu-diceba


N.B. The Kickstarter is priced in New Zealand Dollars (NZD) which means the number you see may be much less in your local currency.



I'm the creator of this Kickstarter and I just wanted to add a small note :)


We have fulfillment centres in both Canada and the EU, with the goal of sorting out customs duties and VAT/GST in those areas without backers getting nasty surprises. I'm waiting on confirmation from a broker to confirm that we can ship across EU borders without additional customs duties, once I have that confirmed we can say we're officially Canada and EU friendly ^_^.




This Kickstarter closed after raising $21,671/$13,500 NZD from 337 backers.


[$21,671 NZD approximates to £12,009 at time of writing.]