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All Yoggie's Call of Cthulhu Recordings: Free - For Everyone - Forever

Next month sees the end of one of the longest eras on YSDC, with the last session of our final Call of Cthulhu campaign game, The Curse of Nineveh. It brings to a conclusion a 12 year run of Call of Cthulhu gaming with the Innsmouth House Players having journeyed through 10 epic adventures between September 2005 and September 2017.


How things have changed over those years...


To mark this rather momentous event in our history I will be releasing every Call of Cthulhu game recording we've ever posted – as the headline says: "Free, For Everyone, Forever".


This will happen between now and the end of the year (simply to pace server load). Our Masks of Nyarlathotep recordings were released yesterday, and next week will see the Walker in the Wastes recordings made public.


Does this mean the end of our games? No, far from it; simply a new era beginning in 2018. Stay tuned to YSDC to find out more.

A Record in Time


YSDC was the first in the world to record roleplaying games and put them on the net. Since that time "Actual Play" recordings have become an online phenomenon and we've been recording and sharing our games as part of that ever since. Technology has changed, players have changed but still the games go on (and have even inspired the occasional novel and soundtrack).


It has been a remarkable, fantastic, memorable ride and both I and the rest of the Innsmouth House Players thank you for joining us at our table for so many years and we hope you will continue to do so in the future.


It's been great.


– Thank you –


I find a lot of links, but none lead to News from Pnakotus #49. There's a direction to a feed, put it contains lots of xml but no download link that I can find.

You can download NfP #049 (Sep 2017: nameless), from the relevant category in the Patron Files section.

26 Sep 2017 06:22 AM

Thanks for the directions, Paul!