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AireCon IV: Recorded Conversations

Last weekend a number of Cthulhu Breakfast Club hosts attended AireCon IV in the elegant spa town of Harrogate in North Yorkshire. AireCon is a relatively new board games convention (with some roleplaying) and as it was fairly close by we took the opportunity to see what was going on and to talk to a few people there.


What follows are a series of audio recordings I made over the Friday and Saturday (10th & 11th March), with fellow Yoggie hosts, patrons, event organisers and Cthulhu gaming publishers.


You can listen to the recordings here on this page, or pick them up on the YSDC podcast feed (direct / iTunes).


Review: We had a great time. Recommended. (We'll no doubt talk about it further in Breakfast Club.)

AireCon IV Recordings


AireCon IV: Tableside Conversations

YSDC podcast hosts attend the AireCon IV board games convention in Harrogate and this is the resulting chat at the Yoggie table, with guest, RogerBW (of Improvised Radio Theatre - With Dice).


AireCon IV: 3D Printing for Games

I talk to RogerBW further about 3D printing game accessories - its utility and possibilities.


AireCon IV: Organiser Interview

I interview Mark Cooke, founder and co-organiser of AireCon, about the event.


AireCon IV: The Cthulhu Hack Interview

A conversation with Paul Baldowski, the author of The Cthulhu Hack RPG.


AireCon IV: MontiDots Interview

I talk to Simon Todd of MontiDots about his Lovecraftian/Jamesian/Christie-inspired scenarios: The Fenworthy Inheritance and The Smoking Mirror.


airecon-2017-crowd.jpg airecon-4-montidots-interview.jpg airecon-2017-rogers-3d-printed-game-tokens.jpg