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  • The Haunting
    Oh yes, my favourite mangaka is Junji Ito. He's the best in the Seinin Horror business. Per... - DeUniversumMysteriis Today, 09:53 AM

  • The Haunting
    It's funny.   Totally off-topic but this reminds me of the story Splatter from Junji It... - HelplessBystander Today, 09:04 AM

  • The Haunting
    Yes, I LOVE absurd horror. I have often modified many areas of the Dreamlands to make it int... - DeUniversumMysteriis Today, 08:15 AM

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    The only armed investigator of my group (a Private Detective) has 12 bullets for his revolver... - DeUniversumMysteriis Today, 08:07 AM

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Achtung! Cthulhu: Elder Godlike

Nearly three years ago, a relatively unknown publisher (Modiphius Entertainment) launched a Kickstarter to produce a new Cthulhu-based roleplaying line, Achtung! Cthulhu. It did rather well, raising over £177,000. A lot was promised in the crowdfunding campaign and since then a lot has been delivered; the latest of which is Achtung! Cthulhu: Elder Godlike, a crossover between A!C and Arc Dream's Godlike RPG.


"Elder Godlike is where the superhuman suspense of Godlike meets the cosmic terrors of Achtung! Cthulhu, introducing a whole new dimension of fantastic adventures to the Secret War". Written by Greg Stolze, Dennis Detailer and friends (originally titled, The Power of the Gods) it's currently available as a print/PDF bundle directly from Modiphius.


Since Modiphius launched its A!C Kickstarter in 2013, the publisher has been involved in a growing range of other properties including: Thunderbirds, Space 1889, Mutant Chronicles, Mindjammer, Fragged Empire, Mutant Year Zero, Corvus Belli - Infinity, Airfix and the upcoming new Conan roleplaying game.

Achtung! Cthulhu: Elder Godlike


Elder Godlike is where the superhuman suspense of Godlike meets the cosmic terrors of Achtung! Cthulhu, introducing a whole new dimension of fantastic adventures to the Secret War, in the ultimate crossover gaming experience. Written by original Godlike creators Dennis Detwiller and Greg Stolze, and based on their acclaimed Godlike: Superhero Roleplaying in A World on Fire, Elder Godlike adds battles on a new front as Talented Allied commandos use their amazing abilities to confront super powered Nazi Übermenschen and combat the secret, awful designs of the nefarious Black Sun.


Will your characters embrace the power of their new abilities and powers and can they resist the onslaught of the new super soldiers of the Nazi regime?


Elder Godlike features:

  • A complete new rule system for superpowers in Call of Cthulhu.
  • A history of Talents in the Secret War.
  • A complete Elder Godlike adventure.
  • Guidelines for Talents in mass combat.
  • Six pre-generated characters ready to play.
  • Fully compatible with the Call of Cthulhu Sixth Edition and Savage Worlds roleplaying games.
  • Elder Godlike is a crossover dossier’s worth of useful alternate historical and fantastical information to help you expand your campaign out into the wider world of the Secret War.


You are larger than life - but the Secret War is larger than you!


The print edition comes with a free PDF version available to download immediately upon purchase.


Authors: Greg Stolze, Dennis Detailer, Allan Goodall, Shane Ivey & Dave Blewer
Format: Colour softcover, 138 pages.


Price: £19.99 / $32.99 (US) [Print], £9.99 /$14.99 (US) [PDF]


Source: http://www.modiphius...e-print-and-pdf


The question is, how long till Assault on the Mountains of Madness is on general release? I heard that the backer PDFs were sent out recently, so hopefully soon??

Modiphius have stated that Assault on the Mountains of Madness will be available through general retail in April.

Not too far off then!