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26 Apr 2010 06:07 PM | Guest in About

What is Yog-Sothoth?


Besides being one of H.P. Lovecraft's literary creations, online Yog-Sothoth is a place devoted to Lovecraftian investigative games such as Call of Cthulhu, Trail of Cthulhu and others as well as the works and influences of Jazz Age author, Howard Phillips Lovecraft, and those he inspired.

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Introduction to RPGs and Lovecraftian Games

25 Apr 2010 02:37 PM | Guest in About

What are RPGs?


Simply put, roleplaying games (RPGs) are a form of interactive entertainment where people gather together (often around a table) to play the parts of characters, and to be part of a collaborative story. They have several similarities to 'Murder Mystery' parties, usually with a co-ordinator to help move the story along. Often the plots and storylines are provided by publishers, but you can also make your own.

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