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A Yuletide Gift: The Express Diaries

Something for the season...


A little over five years ago we published Nick Marsh's adaptation of our Horror on the Orient Express campaign play-through. The book was The Express Diaries. The novel received critical acclaim both for Nick's storytelling and Eric M. Smith's artwork.


The Express Diaries went out of print some time ago and can now command a high price on the second-hand market. Missed out on this incredible story? Fear not, we're making it free for everyone to read, so now you too can follow the adventures of the iconic* Violet Davenport, Betty ("The Silver Fox") Sunderland, Col. ("Never") Goodenough, the notorious Professor Moretti and others in this rare trans-media production.


Welcome to a world of Lovecraftian Locomotive Horror...


*Characters appear in the 2nd edition of the Horror on the Orient Express campaign from Chaosium.

The Express Diaries


EUROPE, 1925. The continent still licks its wounds from the devastating war that raged across it a few years before. Meanwhile, in London, an ageing professor has uncovered the clues to the whereabouts of pieces of an ancient statue, all but forgotten by history. When his investigations lead him to fear for his life, he enlists the aid of an unlikely group of allies; a retired colonel, a secretive academic, a magician s wife, and a Yorkshire matriarch with her reluctant assistant. Together they will journey across Europe to recover the long-lost statue. They will travel in style, on the most luxurious train the world has ever seen. Unbeknownst to them, however, their activities have already attracted the attention of a sinister cult, desperate to acquire the artefact for their own dark purposes, and now a terrible creature, trapped for centuries, senses that the opportunity for revenge has come at last...


THE EXPRESS DIARIES is a tale of a journey into darkness and horror on the world's most famous train.


[Introductory reading featuring the original players also available.]



The Express Diaries
Last Updated 15 Dec 2017 09:18 PM


Of course, if you still crave the beautiful hardback version, I have a handful left over at my website...



Well, that had rather more response than I was expecting! I'm afraid I'm down to my last few copies now, and examining them, I'm sad to discover that all of the remaining copies have some mould damage (not severe but noticeable) to the front and back pages (the maps, the cover and rest of the book are fine), so if you still want a book you're welcome but please bear that in mind!

The PDF version has also been podcasted into the past.