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Pinned  Cthulhu Breakfast Club

23 May 2015 06:03 PM | PoC in Shows

"Choose your programmes as carefully as you choose which theatre to go to."

- Good Listening, BBC 1930.


The Cthulhu Breakfast Club is a YSDC Studio series where Yoggie hosts meet in the convivial surroundings of Yorkshire tea rooms.


Pull up a chair and join Marty Jopson, Chris Lackey, Paul Maclean, Fin Patterson and Val Robertson as they talk about games, Lovecraftiana and other things of interest in a jovial fashion. Please be aware that the meetings contain tea room banter.

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Pinned  YSDC Patronage

24 Apr 2010 01:52 AM | Guest in Patron/Support

YSDC Patronage


If you enjoy and make use of what we offer then do consider becoming a Patron of Yog-Sothoth.


Being a Patron is the most effective way to help us. In thanks for your support additional benefits may be available (see below). Without patronage "Olde Yoggie" would quickly disappear.

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A Yuletide Gift: The Express Diaries

15 Dec 2017 09:21 PM | PoC in MAIN

Something for the season...


A little over five years ago we published Nick Marsh's adaptation of our Horror on the Orient Express campaign play-through. The book was The Express Diaries. The novel received critical acclaim both for Nick's storytelling and Eric M. Smith's artwork.


The Express Diaries went out of print some time ago and can now command a high price on the second-hand market. Missed out on this incredible story? Fear not, we're making it free for everyone to read, so now you too can follow the adventures of the iconic* Violet Davenport, Betty ("The Silver Fox") Sunderland, Col. ("Never") Goodenough, the notorious Professor Moretti and others in this rare trans-media production.


Welcome to a world of Lovecraftian Locomotive Horror...


*Characters appear in the 2nd edition of the Horror on the Orient Express campaign from Chaosium.

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Chaosium to Launch DMs' Guild Equivalent -...

12 Dec 2017 10:16 AM | PoC in MAIN

Chaosium have announced the impending launch of the Miskatonic Repository: "...a new way for creators to publish and distribute their own original Call of Cthulhu content including scenarios, settings, spells and more..."


Creating for Miskatonic Repository involves formatting your material using Chaosium's design template and uploading the finished PDF to DriveThruRPG where you can distribute it for free or sell your work along the same rules and revenue split as the Dungeon Masters' Guild for Dungeons & Dragons.


Chaosium have called the new platform a "launching site for new talent" - so keep your eyes peeled if writing Call of Cthulhu scenarios (and getting paid for it) is something you've been considering.

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News from Pnakotus: The Cthulhu Hack Pack

01 Dec 2017 08:38 AM | PoC in MAIN

On occasion I highlight one of our podcast episodes on the Front Page of YSDC, in this case it's the latest edition of News from Pnakotus our "Lovecraftian News & Views" show. Episode #053 is was out on YSDC's public podcast feed where anyone can pick it up (until another one comes out - which it has).


To my mind this is probably the first time that we've come somewhere near to what I was hoping to achieve with the return of NfP earlier this year.


If you're curious to know more read on.

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