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Cthulhu Breakfast Club: Tarts & Rascals

19 Jul 2016 03:13 PM | PoC in MAIN

The Cthulhu Breakfast Club goes on its first outing (or rather a different "inning") in this July 2016 edition of YSDC's podcast.


In this meeting we talk about playing Pulp Cthulhu, more on kids and roleplaying, the upcoming YSDC Games Day V, the Heroes of Red Hook Kickstarter from Golden Goblin Press, Dark Adventure Radio Theatre: The White Tree, electing Cthulhu, Children of Fear, the Mark Morrison interview about 25 years of Horror on the Orient Express, Unseen Masters and other various and sundry topics.


Recorded one fine day in a delightful part of Harrogate, Yorkshire.


To listen, become a supporter. For information, see: http://www.yog-sothoth.com/cbc

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Cthulhu for President RPG: 2016 Edition

19 Jul 2016 09:45 AM | PoC in MAIN

Chaosium in conjunction with Ninth Level Games have released a new version of the "Beer and Pretzels" roleplaying game Cthulhu for President (Why settle for the lesser evil?) which is available in PDF directly from Chaosium's web site. The game features new topical artwork by Victor Leza.


If you simply can't get enough of electoral campaigns, then this may be just the (party) ticket.

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Unseen Masters Finalé

11 Jul 2016 02:14 PM | PoC in MAIN

After more than a year at the table, YSDC's play-through of Chaosium's Unseen Masters campaign for Call of Cthulhu finally reaches its conclusion. This marks the completion our our eighth major campaign, all of which are on record.


Unseen Masters has proved to be one of the most mind-warping campaigns we've ever played, and our gratitude goes to Val for running an excellent game as our Keeper of Arcane Lore. To commemorate the event I've created a short end-of-campaign video highlighting moments from play - which you can watch here - and because we have the deepest "actual play" archives in the world, Patrons of Yog-Sothoth can also listen to another ending to the Unseen Masters campaign which Val ran in 2004.

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WWC: Cold War - Section 46 Operations Manual

06 Jul 2016 12:29 PM | PoC in MAIN

Cubicle 7 have released the Section 46 Operations Manual for their World War Cthulhu: Cold War line. The publication is..."a handbook for players, designed to teach them how best to succeed and survive in this murky world, or at least how to delay the inevitable for as long as possible."


The Section 46 Operations Manual is available now to backers of the World War Cthulhu: Cold War Kickstarter and will be on general sale in a few weeks.


- Plotting, scheming, working, fighting: intelligence operations in the dead corners and unplumbed depths of the 1970s -

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25 Years of Horror: Mark Morrison Interview

24 Jun 2016 12:35 PM | PoC in MAIN

The summer of 2016 marks a quarter century since the first publication of one of the most famous supplements for Call of Cthulhu - Horror on the Orient Express. To mark the event I spoke to a "Mark" intimately involved in both the original 1991 edition of the campaign and its 2015 second edition - Mark Morrison.


What follows is a 40 minute interview discussing the routes roots of Horror on the Orient Express, the emergence of the new edition and its reception during those intervening years. Mark also has a scoop to share with a new development regarding HotOE, so if you've ever played the campaign or are looking forward to running it (or just like it as a great story), then the following conversation may be of interest.


All aboard! All aboard the Orient Express!

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