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Alone Against the Flames

05 Mar 2015 09:53 AM | PoC in MAIN

A free electronic release from Chaosium, Alone Against the Flames by Gavin Inglis is an introductory solitaire Jazz Age adventure for Call of Cthulhu.

As for what it's exactly about, besides what the title indicates, it looks like you'll have to play to find out. Chaosium have also made the interesting decision to release the PDF version formatted as double page spreads rather than individual pages (entries are hyperlinked).

While the cover has a certain "self publishing" feel to it which is surprising from Chaosium, it's hard to complain when it's free!

If you remember Chaosium's original 1985 solitaire releases (Alone Against the Dark and Alone Against the Wendigo), then this may be just up your street - if you choose the right one, that is...

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The Curse of Nineveh

27 Feb 2015 06:31 PM | PoC in MAIN

Newly released in PDF format to Cthulhu Britannica: London Kickstarter backers is, The Curse of Nineveh, a 224 page Jazz Age Call of Cthulhu campaign.

The Curse of Nineveh is "a seven-part campaign set in the summer of 1925. The Investigators find themselves embroiled in the events that surround the return of the expedition from Nineveh and the terrible curse that they brought back with them. They must face shadowy watchers, a nefarious criminal mastermind and race against time to stop an ancient plan from being fulfilled – a plan that threatens not only London, but the whole British Empire!"

No doubt it will be available soon to non-Kickstarter folks, along with the print edition to follow.

Another one to add to my "must-run" pile, but in the meantime we can always talk about it!

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Cthulhu Through the Ages

27 Feb 2015 12:08 PM | PoC in MAIN

Chaosium have released Cthulhu Through the Ages, a guide book for playing Call of Cthulhu in seven different eras.

Cthulhu Through the Ages offers straight-forward guidance and era-specific rules for Investigator creation for each setting and updated rules for combat along with other support material including scenario seeds, setting-specific monsters, and investigator organisations.

Two of the settings described are brand new: Cthulhu Icarus and The Reaping both offer visions of a possible future…

Also available from Chaosium are new PDF auto-calculation Investigator Sheets for each era.

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Marty and the Horror on the Orient Express

13 Feb 2015 11:23 PM | PoC in MAIN

Ever ones to experiment, from time to time we like to explore new show formats. Not everything gets a public release (though Yoggie Patrons see a few of them). This is one we tried out recently but would require much more work to be serviceable.

Silver TOP (Silver Lodge: The Other Parlour) was conceived as a co-hosted video series based around the "cosy fireside chat" format. I'm not sure it's something we'll proceed with (at least until several technical and presentation issues are solved), but I thought you might be interested to take a peek at one of the proto/pilot episodes, especially as it deals with the fairly topical Horror on the Orient Express 2nd edition release from Chaosium.

Here, Marty is presented with a copy of the new edition for the first time.

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Cthulhu Wars: A Sandy Petersen Game

12 Feb 2015 02:38 PM | PoC in MAIN

After a very successful Kickstarter in July 2013, Cthulhu Wars, Sandy Petersen's latest production, is now making its way into backers' hands (and into retail).

Cthulhu Wars is ..."a strategy board game in which the players take the part of alien races and gods taken from the Cthulhu mythos created by H. P. Lovecraft..." Will your faction prevail? Will you awaken your Great Old One and rule the Earth?

The game packs quite a heft (physically) and also comes with a consummate price tag of $199 (US), while sporting some of the largest Cthulhu-based miniatures seen for any game. Playing time is quoted in the region of 90 minutes, but with an extensive set of expansions in the works the game could last much longer (if you choose).

A copy of Cthulhu Wars landed on the Innsmouth House doorstep this morning (with a resounding "thunk") and it looks fantastic. We did an interview with Sandy about the game back in 2013.

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Masks of Nyarlathotep Companion Kickstarter

08 Feb 2015 08:07 PM | PoC in MAIN

If you know what this is - and have been waiting - then go and pledge now!

Years in the making, the Masks of Nyarlathotep Companion is an essential reference to one of the greatest roleplaying campaigns ever published. This extensive volume, over 600 pages in length, provides a world of additional detail for Chaosium's legendary Call of Cthulhu campaign.

A team of talented writers, artists and editors led by Bret Kramer have spent years on this project to lovingly produce what must be one of the most exhaustive reference works in support of any roleplaying product.

Hand in the air, through the wonderful generosity of all those involved the net profit from this Kickstarter will go to help keep "Olde Yoggie" going as we head towards the completion of our second decade online - so you may say I'm biased but if you downloaded the old beta from a few years ago, you'll already have an idea of just how good it is. Now under the auspices of Sixtystone Press you can get the final publication!

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YSDC Super Screen!

08 Feb 2015 01:30 PM | PoC in MAIN

Over the holiday period I found some time to implement a major modification to my Keeper's Screen that I'd been wanting to try out for a while.

The alterations to the GM screen were intended to be a benefit for the players as well as our Eternal Lies campaign as a whole.

What follows is a clip from my Keeper's Diary for session 20 of Eternal Lies that talks about the changes I made, and the results after using it in play.

Hopefully it's of some interest. I'd be very interested to hear what modifications (or GM screen preferences) you have in your games.

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