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Cthulhu Confidential with Robin D. Laws

21 Oct 2016 08:13 AM | PoC in MAIN

To mark 10 years of the GUMSHOE system, Pelgrane has declared Friday, 21st October as the first "International Pelgrane Day", inviting "Pelgrane Press RPG fans all over the world to play their favourite Pelgrane games on or around [the] 21st October".


There have been a number of Pelgrane games running this week and to celebrate the day our very own MartyJopson played Pelgrane's forthcoming Cthulhu Confidential with the game's creator, RobinDLaws. Below, you can watch the entire recording with Robin as the Games Master and Marty as the hardboiled LA Private Detective, "Dex Raymond" in... The Fathomless Sleep.


Lots of interesting Cthulhu-based projects are on the boil at Pelgrane Towers at the moment, I'm particularly looking forward to Fearful Symmetries.

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Tales of Sandy Petersen: Panacea

03 Oct 2016 04:03 PM | PoC in MAIN

Following on from our 2016 March into Madness Patron Drive SandyPetersen generously offered to run one of his scenarios from Chaosium's upcoming Tales of Sandy Petersen anthology for the Innsmouth House Players.


Sandy (The Keeper of Arcane Lore) lives in Texas, the IHP (Players) are in Yorkshire, but the small matter of the Atlantic ocean didn't stop us having a great (and quite surreal) time playing with the creator of the Call of Cthulhu roleplaying game. Some of the sounds emanating from the Lone Star state cannot be described - but they can most certainly be heard...


So if you're a Patron of Yog-Sothoth you can listen to this game of modern-day investigation run by the "[God]father" of Call of Cthulhu.

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Cthulhu Breakfast Club: Ambisonic Armouries

19 Sep 2016 10:11 AM | PoC in MAIN

The September 2016 edition of The Cthulhu Breakfast Club is now out in all the usual places and featuring a larger complement of hosts than the last meeting (which wouldn't be difficult). This time the CBC visits the Royal Armouries in Leeds to discuss all matters Lovecraftian and more - including talk of:


Sound recording, the eternal scone debate, The Curse of Nineveh, remote gaming and virtual reality, the Stationery Isle, YSDC Games Day V, Sun Spots and The Gods' War Kickstarters, Mansions of Madness (board game) 2nd edition, Brotherhood of the Beast, Pickman's Guest, The Nightmare Stacks, Gen Con 2016 Chaosium seminar, marrying Icelandic women, World War Cthulhu: London, Helen in British Archaeology magazine, Hooten & the Lady, The Things We Leave Behind and Agatha Christie mystery stamps among other things.


To listen, become a supporter. For information, see: http://www.yog-sothoth.com/cbc

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Sun Spots - Call of Cthulhu Scenario Kickstarter

15 Sep 2016 03:42 PM | PoC in MAIN

Dave Sokolowski of Weird 8 has launched a Kickstarter to see the release of Sun Spots, a Call of Cthulhu scenario set in 1920s New England that was originally due to be released by Miskatonic River Press in Keith "Doc" Herber's The Outer Gods supplement. Sadly it never saw fruition but that which can eternal lie... means that Sun Spots has a new chance of life through crowd funding.


Art for the project has been commissioned from the likes of Jason Eckhardt, Reuben Dodd, Caleb Cleveland and Chris Huth with maps and layout by Jake Coolidge and Gregory G. Geiger.


Weird 8's other published Cthulhu scenario He Who Laughs Last was successfully crowd funded and delivered a few years previously. The Kickstarter for Sun Spots runs until the 9th October.

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The Brotherhood of the Beast - HPLHS Radio Drama

23 Aug 2016 12:18 PM | PoC in MAIN

Our old friends at the HPLHS have announced another new direction for their popular Dark Adventure Radio Theatre series. Following on from the recent release of a new Lovecraftian-style story, The White Tree, the HPLHS are now producing a 1930s-style radio play based on Chaosium's Call of Cthulhu campaign The Fungi from Yuggoth.


Planned for a Hallowe'en 2016 release, The Brotherhood of the Beast will provide nearly four hours of listening entertainment and features four different endings following alternative characters and plans.


Very much looking forward to hearing this one!

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