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Achtung! Cthulhu Tactics "Forest of Fea...

09 Feb 2018 02:40 PM | PoC in MAIN

After November's announcement of audio adventures, Modiphius Entertainment are expanding their Achtung! Cthulhu line further into other media with a crowd funder to produce Achtung! Cthulhu Tactics "Forest of Fear" - a turn-based strategy video game.


Cthulhu Tactics is being developed Auroch Digital (led by Tomas Rawling of Call of Cthulhu: The Wasted Land) and will be published by Ripstone.


As of writing, the Kickstarter is about to reach its initial goal of £10,000 (with announced stretch goals up to £30K) and runs until 4th March.


The game will be published by Ripstone regardless, the crowd funder is to add yet more. Achtung! Cthulhu Tactics is due for release in Q4 2018.

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Anchorhead 20th Anniversary Edition

05 Feb 2018 05:07 PM | PoC in MAIN

Some 20 years ago (about the time this web site was starting) Michael Gentry created one of the most well regarded Lovecraftian interactive fiction ("text adventure") games: Anchorhead. Now after two decades Michael has released a special anniversary edition of the adventure available through Steam and Itch, which features re-written code and prose, extra puzzles and more than 50 illustrations.


If you loved the old Anchorhead then there looks to be much to enjoy in the new version (you can even buy physical props). If you've never tried a computer text adventure before and like Lovecraftian atmosphere then Anchorhead may well be worth investigating further...

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Miskatonic Repository: The Miskatonic Collection

25 Jan 2018 01:21 PM | PoC in MAIN

Chaosium have released a series of new files for the Miskatonic Repository. The Miskatonic Collection features six volumes of resources for your games and for use with creating your own scenarios for sale at the Repository.


The forms, images, play aids and documents include: Arkham Sanitarium Forms, City of Arkham Forms, Evidence Files, Medical Forms, Miskatonic University Forms and Telegrams - all available in digital form from DriveThruRPG.


Prices for the packs vary from free to a few dollars.

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Cthulhu Confidential Problem & Edges Deck

04 Jan 2018 12:41 PM | PoC in MAIN

Pelgrane Press have dealt a new hand for their Cthulhu Confidential roleplaying game with the release of a printable Problem & Edges Deck - a handy manifestation of the "Problem" and "Edge" cards that investigators accumulate during play.


The Cthulhu Confidential Problem & Edges Deck is available in PDF form directly from Pelgrane's web site (or via DriveThruRPG), which can then be printed at your leisure. No news yet as to whether they will also make an appearance on DriveThruCards [POD], but we'll keep you posted.

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22 Dec 2017 04:44 PM | PoC in MAIN

When our home group (the Innsmouth House Players) concluded a 12 year run of Call of Cthulhu campaigns in the summer, some kind folks asked what we were going to do next.


We certainly weren't planning on stopping playing.


Instead we've taken a new direction by developing our own homebrewed system (nameless) and scenarios. To explore strange, new worlds our own stories and particular ways of play. The first of these new stories, Stepping Stone, is now available for Yoggie Patrons to listen to.


Further details and discussion can be found in the following YSDC forum thread: nameless [YSDC RPG] We hope you'll join us.

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